Arecanut Green

Arecanut is one of the standard & reliable products that we offer to our customers across boundaries. We source the best of Areca nuts from the fruits of areca palm & process it under the best industry standards to ensure the finest quality. There are a lot of components in this areca nut that we are hardly aware of like the arecatannin, gallic acid, saline substances, and a few alkaloids. These areca nuts have a few medicinal values in it and in turn, have reflected its usage in the early age Chinese medicines. If you are looking for some quality areca nuts at the most affordable costs then Wonolanka is the perfect destination.

Arecanut Orange

As depicted in the above, Arecanut being one of the standard & reliable products is sourced from the finest areca palms. Following which we process it under the best industry standards to ensure the finest quality. We offer a wide array of Areca Nuts encompassing Arecanut Orange, Red, Boiled, and Sliced. We have it all under one roof at Wonolanka that provides some of the best spices in the world at the most affordable costs.

Arecanut Red

Alongside offering some of the finest varieties of Arecanut Orange, we also do offer Arecanut Red. These Arecanut Reds aren’t quite found everywhere for their climatic conditions and cultivational standards don’t suit all soil types. With regard to the Red Areca Nuts, they are obtained by removing the outer husks of the boiled green areca nuts. The variation in colours is nothing but the diverse ripening stages of the Areca Nuts.

Arecanut Slice

Wonolanka is proud of its diverse Areca Nut products that have a global demand. One such product that has its stake up and above is the Areca Nut Slices. We offer some Export quality Areca Nut slices that are processed and packed under strict Industry standards. Our Areca Nut slices are on par with those that you get at the international markets.

Arecanut Boiled

In addition to offering Areca Nut Slices, we also provide our customers with Boiled Areca Nuts that are pretty much considered to be a rare kind. Boiled Areca Nuts aren’t found to be exported in large numbers owing to its unique characteristics. The Boiled Nuts, unlike other Nut types, have a restricted usage period owing to its consumption state. At Wonolanka, we ensure to provide the best kind of Boiled Areca Nuts that are one of a kind.

Arecanut Dry

Wonolanka offers some of the finest range of Dry Areca Nuts that are of great demand in the present day market. We source ideal Areca Nuts that are the best fit for Dry processing. Having sourced the best ones, we adhere to stringent extraction methods to produce Dry Areca Nuts that are been exported on a global note. Our unsurpassed Quality and Packaging standards have enabled us to deliver spices that are of the topmost quality.

Arecanut Whole

The areca nut is the fruit of the areca palm which grows in much of the tropical Pacific Southeast and South Asia, and parts of east Africa. It is commonly referred to as betel nut so it is easily confused with betel leaves that are often used to wrap it . The term areca originated from the Kannada word adike and dates from the 16th century, when Dutch and Portuguese sailors took the nut from Kerala to Europe.

Arecanut Split

The arecanut palm is the source of common chewing nut, popularly known as betel nut or Supari. In India it is extensively used by large sections of people and is very much linked with religious practices. India is the largest producer of arecanut and at the same time largest consumer also.Major states cultivating this crop are Karnataka (40%), Kerala (25%), Assam (20%), Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya and West Bengal.