Cinnamon is one of the most commonly used spices globally, owing to its aromatic and medicinal values. Amidst a diverse pool of spices that we deal with, Cinnamon holds a unique spot for its own. This spice is obtained from the inner bark of its genus Cinnamomum. Cinnamon’s global outreach is mainly due to its aromatic essence and flavouring additives. The principal component of cinnamon proves to be the cinnamaldehyde, from which the rich essential oil for the production of cinnamon is extracted from. The family of cinnamon holds good for several other similar spice products that serve different purposes. The history of cinnamon traces back to those days of Egyptian Empires and Chinese dynasties where this spice initially came into existence. The cinnamon is also referred to as an evergreen tree for its cultivation styles and adaptive nature. The bark of the cinnamon tree is primly used as the spice element for that inherits a lot of flavouring material. This spice in specific is categorized into two types and they being,

  • Ceylon cinnamon

Each of the above cinnamons has its own share of importance in the global market with one edging out the other on its polished usage. The medicinal uses of cinnamon are no wonder to people of the ancient times. This nutrition bound spice has its usage widespread. All grades of cinnamon are available. Listed below are a few of them

  • Treats Digestive disorders
  • Treat Diabetes
  • Good for weight loss
  • Cures Respiratory illness
  • Treat Bug Bites
  • Cures Acne
  • Freshens your Breath

The Ceylon Cinnamon is widely used for adding cinnamon flavor to your foods & beverages and for some industrial purposes as well. Wonolanka offers almost all grades of cinnamon that are of the best in quality alongside assuring affordable cost structure.