One amongst the fast moving & most sought-after spices that we deal with is the Cloves or otherwise called the Syzygium aromaticum. The Cloves has a global importance owing to the peculiar taste and aroma that it resides. These cloves are traced from the family of Myrtaceae, whose flower buds are the so-called Cloves. One of the specialties with the cloves is that they are grown across verticals in diverse harvest seasons owing to the great adaptability. Wonolanka offers the best and handpicked Cloves that are of export quality. These unopened flower buds serve plentiful purposes that you could hardly imagine of, take a look at what this spice is capable of

  • Used in Traditional Medicines
  • Used in Food Industry
  • Cures Toothache & good for Gums
  • Acne Buster