Wonolanka offers the finest range of Coconuts and Coconut related products that are of export quality. Being a proud product of the genus Cocos, the coconuts are used by consumers across verticals owing to its diverse needs. Our in-house team of technical experts source in coconuts from the best possible farms that cultivate this species in its purest form.

Desiccated Coconut Powder

With the increase in the global production of Coconuts, the Desiccated Coconut powder has taken a greater leap in the international market. This powder, in fact, has replaced the conventional method of coconut usage. Being in a more easy-to-use structure the desiccated coconut powder has proved its worth across verticals. Derived from the purest of coconuts, the DCP has its wide usage in the confectionery world. The stats prove that over 4000 tons of DCP are manufactured every year and Wonolanka is proud to have its share in this as well. We have the finest and quality adhered Desiccated Coconut Powder that is available at the most affordable costs.