Nutmeg Mace

Wonolanka offers a whole lot of Spices that are of export quality, one among such significant spices is the Nutmeg Mace. The genus Myristica fragrans led to the evolution of both Nutmeg & Mace which are two individual spices blend together. Nutmeg actually turns out to be the seed or ground spice component of the genus kind mentioned above. Nutmeg is actually the Seed while Mace is the seed covering, thus proving to be a single species that possess two valuable spices. The Nutmeg seed is grounded into powder before putting to usage, as the seed cannot be used as such. This nutmeg in specific is used in the preparation of some sweet delicacies that are loved by all. Comprising a major part of its existence in the food & beverages industry, the Nutmeg Mace is been treated as a seasoning product to flavouring additives across food products.

Envisioning to provide the best and finest quality of Nutmeg Mace, we are one of the leading exporters of this Spice. This Spice has varied usages and health benefits that are listed below,

  • Food Industry
  • Keeps Digestive System Healthy
  • Clears Stomach Spasms
  • Treats Insomnia
  • Provides Nutritional benefits