Coir Fibre

One of the important export quality products that Wonolanka deals with is the Coir Fibre that has a global importance in the international market. It is, in fact, one of the thickest and most reliable fibres amongst all the commercial natural fibres. These fibres are extracted from the outer layers of the Coconut shells, to be precise the these are extracted from the outer tissues of the coconut palm. By taking into consideration the perfect diameter and length measures, we ensure that our products are highly reliable. This natural fibre extract is offered at the most affordable costs alongside ensuring the highest grades of quality.

Coir Pith

Wonolanka is one of the leading exporters of the Coir Pith, which is proved to be one of the best soil conditioners. Though the Coir piths’ uses still lie unraveled, this component has a great importance in the Agricultural industry. The Coir pith or the Coco-peat has varied application uses alongside being a super growing medium to grow numerous crops. Being a soft and spongy material this Coir pith is bound to have the coconut fibres in the husk. It is also proven that Orchids are best grown with ample supplement of coir pith to its layers. So if you are looking for some best quality Coir piths, then you are at the right place.

Coco Disk

We offer a whole lot of Coco Disk products that are well nurtured and processed to make it fit for an export-ready component. These coco discs are significantly used to prevent the weeds from growing in plants. The fibrous nature of these coco disks enables a great airflow making it a binding agent. With the best raw materials put in place, all our coco disk products are well processed to serve as a natural alternative to weed control.